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The voice of the kingdom: TELEVISION


Before the appearance of these technological inventions, cenes were playing on the ground of the thought film by eyes and recorded  by means of our cerebral memory,
This tool  was not factories yet it is the reason why you will not see these modern expressions in the bible, but let us speak about the information and about training everything was possible by communication, with development of  time the tools of communication pass of the first one until  the last quality of SamsungGalaxie S.8. from ancien  tablet Egyptian until  tactil. Not anought time  to enumerate different ways of comunication has across the periods and  the history, but let us take these words in the papers of the Bible: Jer 5; 1, 30; 6. Inquire. Esaie 6 9-matt 10; 11, 13 14, mat  24 6 Paul - act 23: 30   ,It is media which is responsable the system of the information and for the training(formation).

If it was not the case, there wouldn’t understand  these predictions  or they wouldn’t  have found their execution. Ex: revelation 11 8, it is has to leave technological inventions which we begin has to understand(include) the meaning of the book written by the apostle Jean. They are called Grasshopper:helicoptere, kids: war tanks,
That is why we use this media(audiovisual) device to promote the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus-Christ.Television the Voice(Vote) of the kingdom of God in Christ for this generation