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Family origin

I am recognized on the name of Exil, homme  Etzer
I was born in  a religious family , gonaives haiti on April 20th, 1992.
I am a professor of living languages, presenter  evangelic program , socio-evangelic writer


God gives me  a girl under the circumstances of the everyday life and the pieces of my intend,
Mercy Yasmine, mother of a baby girl : Elyona Yatsar Exil'homme, she will be a help for us in our ministry , she is taking teaching

for being able  to work for lord .



I am living in  a Christian family but I didn’t know my lord yet until I was  17 years old, three years later I was on  17th day of December 2014, God gives me  his program concerning my success in all the aspects of my life of earth in the sky..

An apostolic ministry, beginning in series of Christian biblical studies, having received the wisdom to make understand to people the Holy Bible and detail the labyrinths concerning the conexes studies and the news of the Bible a ministry accompanies with education(teaching) of intercession and with worship by basing itself on love of the father gives by his son  jesus-Christs, the wisdom and power to break the demonic alliances(wedding rings) and minifeste its power to allow us to transform many ministries and several church , to implant many ministry and church by the evangelization in places move(put) back of the city and the training(formation) of the followers and the setting-up local church.

We have two schools of teachings biblical.

 1-the voice of the kingdom, the free student 2- Kerygma, ecole of missionary, for the students commit(hire) .voir Study.
2- Our web site: / radio televoixduroyaume.
3- A center of evangelic and family - A system of sponsoring of the child and the young people about  scolaryschip and professional. Assembly of kingdom in christ

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