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 Voice of the kingdom - radio?

The trumpet last time, in my intimity with God, I received his thought for the dimension of my ministry, having heard the audible intention of the father which tells me: speak and  free the nations.
So understood, we received the grace of God to bring you these teachings by mean of these social networks.
We are here for you testimony god’s love in Jesus-Christ, the wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit to reveal you the friendship of the redeemer by the Spirit of meditation, teaching and the prayer.

(Missionary without border)

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Family origin

I am recognized on the name of Exil, homme  Etzer
I was born in  a religious family , gonaives haiti on April 20th, 1992.
I am a professor of living languages, presenter  evangelic program , socio-evangelic writer


God gives me  a girl under the circumstances of the everyday life and the pieces of my intend,
Mercy Yasmine, mother of a baby girl : Elyona Yatsar Exil'homme, she will be a help for us in our ministry , she is taking teaching

for being able  to work for lord .

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